Women's Hair Vitamins

Your beauty boost for your hair!

1 month course of treatment

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Makes your hair shiny and beautiful! Contains high doses of biotin, folic acid and several vitamins essential for the growth of healthy hair. The wonderful thing is that these vitamins also strengthen your nails.

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Mari Suzuki-Ramm
Wrong item delivered

I bought and presented to my doughter Hair Vitamins but "RESTFUL SLEEP" was delivered. She did not know what I have ordered, thus she opended it and tried, so that I gave up to return to exchange the item. A pity that she cannot try your Hair Vitamins.
(She was happy with restful sleep, I should say)

Jolanta Savaneviciene

I would like to make a complain as you sent me 3 botles of vitamins. Two for hair and one fot boost immune.I dont asked for boost immune.I paid for 4 bottles in total for hair vitamins only and received 3.

I love those gummies!

Great product for my hair, have been using gummies for over 2 month and | can tell the difference! Stronger and shinier hair plus | noticed new hair on my forehead line!

Eda Dikmen
Great taste!

I know this product from Douglas. I particularly like the great taste. After about 1 month I noticed an improvement in my nails, my hair loss has also decreased somewhat, but I will continue to monitor. For me, biotin tablets just don’t compare.

So delicious ...

I can only recommend the IVYBEARS. Not only that they are very tasty, but it was more important to me to find a remedy for my hair loss. | have been taking IVYBEARS for a while now and have to say, there is significantly less hair in my brush :) Thumbs up!