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Extra Power for your immune support!


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A complex formular with essential vitamins and minerals support your immune system to protect you.

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IVYBEARS® BOOST IMMUNE sollte regelmäßig eingenommen werden, um den positiven Effekt zu verstärken. 2 Bärchen am Tag helfen Dein Immunsystem zu unterstützen und Deinen Körper zu stärken.
IVYBEARS® BOOST IMMUNE are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to perfectly support your bodies immune system every day.
The vitamin complex contains zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin D2, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C and biotin.
The complex formular is developed and manufactured according to high quality standards in cooperation with beauty and health experts. The IVYBEARS® are 100 % made in Germany and subject to strict controls. All our products are EU certified released by the German Federal Ministry for nutrition and health.

Feel good, look good!

IVYBEARS® BOOST IMMUNE are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins designed to meet the needs of women. The bears help to improve physical strength and health. The vitamins naturally stimulate the immune system and provide energy. The vitamin complex includes zinc, biotin, vitamin B6, E, D2, B2, B12 and C. Thus, the body is well supplied every day.

Naturally delicious

Our bears are naturally delicious, vegan, without added artificial colors and flavors and free of titanium dioxide. The delicious bears taste like fruity oranges.